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College to establish learning center at Camp Verde Community Library — an idea of the now defunct Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee 

The District Governing Board unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement between Yavapai Community College and the town of Camp Verde at its May 9, 2017 meeting. Under the agreement the College will provide computer equipment and other materials that are intended to expand access to the Community College. The equipment will be located at the Camp Verde Community library.

 The Community College has agreed to provide technical and administrative support to keep the computer software up-to-date and perform any necessary preventive maintenance. The College has also agreed to provide support and services to current Community College students and future students either in­ person at the Camp Verde library location or via remote technology.

The idea of creating learning centers similar to the one at Camp Verde throughout the County was the brainchild of the now defunct Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee. During its deliberations and up to the time  it was shut down by the West County Governing Board majority, the Advisory Committee had strongly suggested that such centers be created.



Verde Valley will get back only 10 percent of excess primary taxes paid to the Community College in next 12 years

Clarkdale resident Bill Regner addressed the District Governing Board at its November 1, 2016 meeting in Sedona about the unfair allocation of resources flowing to the Verde Valley from the College.  He specifically recalled a conversation he had with West County Board Member Ray Sigafoos at the dedication of the Southwest Wine Center on the Verde Campus. During that conversation, Sigafoos said to Regner: “You are trying to take money away from our campuses.”  Mr. Regner responded: “No, we are just trying to keep more of our money here in the Verde Valley.” 


Mr. Bill Regner

Mr. Regner pointed out during his brief address that over the next dozen years the College intends to return to the Verde Valley only about $9 million dollars from an estimated $99 million of excess revenue that will come from Verde Valley property taxes during that period (“excess revenue” meaning revenue in excess of payment of total operating expenses for all Community College projects in the Verde Valley) .

Addressing Mr. Sigafoos directly, Mr. Regner asked:  “Who here is taking money from whom?”

Mr. Regner also added that the three-member Governing Board majority had “disrespected” Al Filardo in the treatment afforded him along with his supporters. Mr. Regner was referring to the three-member West County majority who voted in an almost secret meeting at the end of a retreat in September to suspend the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.

The complete three minute address by Mr. Regner to the Governing Board can be viewed by clicking here.



Al Filardo

Al Filardo

Mr. Al Filardo formally resigned his seat on the Yavapai College District Governing Board November 1, 2016 at the meeting of the Board in Sedona.  Filardo, who completed two years on the Board, found it impossible to work with the three-member majority on the Board led by Pat McCarver. Bob Oliphant, who preceded Filardo, resigned after one year on the Board representing the Verde Valley.

In his resignation speech, Filardo pointed to four key areas of guiding principles that caused his resignation.  They were the Board and College:  (1). Making significant fiscal commitments without the requisite comprehensive strategic planning; (2). Failing to authorize research to inform important, key decisions; (3). Overlooking problems masked by policy governance; and (4). Suspending the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.

Filardo stated that  “My observation is we are getting caught up in the quarrel and forgetting our mandated cause – we are to serve the educational needs of the citizens of Yavapai County.  How can we know their needs if we silence their voices. Based on my years of experience as a process-improvement and organizational development champion, I’ve witnessed when intelligent people quarrel and lose sight of the real cause, they do incredibly stupid things.  They become politically obnoxious, diplomatically inept, and intellectually bankrupt.”

You may read all of Mr. Filaro’s speech by clicking .al-filardo-speech.



Issues involving treatment of VVBAC the last straw

Al Filardo

Al Filardo

Third District Representative to the College Governing Board, Al Filardo, resigned his seat on the Board yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, October 11, 2016).  Filardo represents a large portion of the Verde Valley.  Filardo indicated that the treatment afforded the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee by the three-member Prescott majority, which suspended the Committee for a year last month,  was a primary reason he could no longer sit on the Board. Filardo will provide an expanded view of his decision at the November 1, 2016 Board meeting in Sedona.

Filardo replaced Bob Oliphant in March, 2015.  Oliphant, who served a year on the Board,  had resigned in protest over the treatment of the Verde Valley by the three-member Prescott area controlling majority on the Board.


“I support the recent DGB’s action” dissolving the Advisory Committee

The Prescott Valley candidate Walt Nagy, whose goal is to knock off Deb McCasland in the upcoming election, has made it clear that he agrees with the three-member majority on the Governing Board that doing away with the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee was a good idea. McCasland has represented District 2 on the Governing Board effectively for the last two years since trouncing Harold Harrington.

In an interview with the Camp Verde Bugle of October 8, 2016 he flat out said he supported “the recent DBG’s action,” which effectively abolished the current Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.  The Committee was the voice of the entire Verde Valley to the Governing Board.

As far as Nagy is concerned, matters in the Verde Valley are “beyond adequate.” He has no clue.

If he is elected, it is clear the Verde Valley will lose another strong voice that is attempting to stop the economic oppression being foisted on it by the three-member West-County voting block.

A vote for McCasland is a vote for the Verde Valley and fair and equitable treatment.  Nagy is most likely already in the pocket of the Prescott Valley politicos. There is little doubt he will continue to plunder the tax revenue coming from the Verde Valley to build projects on the West side of the County. There is little doubt he will also go along with continuing to raise the property tax rate on County voters as he seems ready to join the West County voting block and holds their views.

You may read his interview in the Bugle by clicking here.


Verde Valley Advisory Committee Never Wanted by Controlling Majority

Sedona Councilwoman Jessica Williamson slammed the decision by the three-member West County majority on the District Governing Board  to shut down the Verde Valley Advisory Committee to the Governing Board. She made her comments at the September 27 meeting of the Sedona City Council.

jessica-williams-2“I’m very disturbed that it was suspended. It would have been an act of good faith by the board with this side of the community, which it always outvoted 3-2 by the board.”

“ I don’t think they actually ever wanted the committee and I think they didn’t accept most of the recommendations from the committee. I feel they were just as happy to get rid of a pesky committee that was comprised of very high-level people who were very committed to the college and the Verde Valley.”

You may view her comments in full by clicking here.

You may view a story on the meeting in the September 30, 2016  Sedona Red Rock News by clicking here. 


“We are being cheated out of the facilities and programming we deserve and are paying for”


Mr. Staadecker

Joel Staadecker, a 16 year Sedona resident, urged the Sedona Mayor and Council at the September 27, 2016 meeting to join him and others to persuade the Governor and State Legislature to create an independent taxing district for an independent Verde Valley community college.   We “must get out from under the crushing oppression of the Yavapai College governance system, leadership and management that resides and works on the West side of  Mingus Mountain for the benefit of the Prescott region communities,” he said.

 He went on to say that the citizens need a community college in the Verde Valley because “we are being cheated out of the facilities and programming we deserve and are paying for in our property tax dollars.”

He pointed out that two days after the Verde Valley Forum, attended by about 100 participants, recommended that an unbiased, independent study be conducted to examine the establishment of an independently governed community college in the Verde Valley, the Prescott dominated Governing Board effectively abolished the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee. That Committee made a similar recommendation on the day before it was abolished. The three members from the Prescott region that voted to eliminate it apparently knew in advance from newspaper reports that the Committee would be making the recommendation. 

Mr. Staadecker’s short speech to the Sedona Council can be viewed by clicking here.


80% of those responding disagree with Governing Board decision

In an on-line poll conducted by the Verde Independent between September 16 and September 22, 2016 an overwhelming 80% of those responding disagree with the decision by the Community College District Governing Board to dismantle the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.  (The suspension for one year amounts to a complete dismantling of the Committee.)

That blue ribbon committee had become a strong voice for the 70,000 citizens in the Verde Valley in their fight with Yavapai Community College over the distribution of revenue and class offerings.  The results of the poll as reported by the Verde Independent follow below.



Legislature and Governor being contacted by Verde Residents

Carol German letter typical of request for help

Verde Valley residents are contacting the Governor and State Legislators over the treatment being afforded them by the Yavapai College Administration and the West County majority on the District Governing Board. 

The letter that follows is typical of the letters being sent.  The Blog encourages it readers to contact the Governor’s Office and your Legislators to urge them to consider a separate Community College taxing district contiguous with the Verde Valley for a separate Community College.  The following is Ms. German’s letter.


Carol German


Yavapai College has done it again.  With a 3 to 2 vote at a Board Retreat they abolished the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.  This action was a direct slap in the face to the entire Verde Valley.  You had elected officials who worked very hard to select candidates for the YC Governing Board Advisory Committee.  It was also a slap in the face to a Governing Board member who worked diligently to construct an Advisory Committee structure that was acceptable to the Governing Board and well as the communities in the Verde Valley.  And, think of the time and effort that the County Superintendent of Schools spent in vetting the candidates that had been selected by each community’s elected officials.

The Committee itself worked very hard to determine the needs of the Verde Valley and to make recommendations to the YC Governing Board.  These recommendations were, for the most part, ignored.  It was as if the College felt threatened that millions of tax dollars paid by Verde Valley residents would be used in the Verde Valley instead of on the West side of  the County.  Right now our tax dollars will be used to build a 9 million dollar soccer complex in Prescott and also to build a multi-million dollar lecture hall in Prescott.  This is in addition to the millions that have been spent to build and remodel buildings in Prescott and Prescott Valley.  The College Governing Board should consider investing that money in Career and Technical Education Programs in the Verde Valley. 

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Verde Independent questions whether West County Majority violated Open Meeting Law

Points out Hypocrisy of what amounted to essentially a Secret Vote during Governing Board Retreat

In an editorial by editor Dan Engler in the September 15, 2016 Verde Independent, he pointed out the hypocrisy of the vote taken in the late afternoon on Monday, September 12 by the Community College District Governing Board.  That 3-2 vote, which was engineered by the three members from the West side of the County that control the Board, eliminated the blue ribbon Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee.  There were no citizens present and unlike a general session, there is no video record of the proceeding. Both Verde Valley representatives opposed the vote.

Mr. Engler questioned whether Arizona’s Open Meeting Law was violated because the Agenda for the retreat contained no languages suggesting a vote on the future of the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee was to be considered.  He also pointed out that earlier in the year, when an item was discussed by the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee under the heading “Ownership Linkage” that President Wills questioned whether the efficacy of an Administrative College could be discussed because the heading was so vague.


Mr. Dan Engler

Here, in part, is what Mr. Engler wrote about this issue.

“. . . [B]oard members were wrong in dismantling the VVBAC, and probably even more wrong in the way they went about it. It bears emphasis that when VVBAC members were pushing for a separate Verde Valley administrative college district under the agenda heading Ownership Linkage,' college President Penny Wills agreed with this newspaper that the committee was playing fast and loose with the state's Open Meeting Law.'  It’s supposed to be clear enough so people will know what they are going to be discussing,’ Wills said at the time.”

“Guess what? At their Monday retreat, college board members voted 3-2 to suspend the VVBAC under the very same agenda item: Ownership linkage. Was that ‘clear enough so people will know what they are going to be discussing,’ to use Wills’ words. Board member Deb McCasland claimed she was blind-sided when her colleagues moved forward on suspending VVBAC. The agenda did not make it clear that such action was being considered.”

You may read Mr. Engler’s editorial in its entirety by clicking here.