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2008 Planning document is resource

The 2008 Principles of Land Use and Development of Verde Campus

What is the planIn 2008 a comprehensive planning document for the Verde Campus and the Sedona Center were prepared by the Greater Verde Valley Chapter of the Yavapai College Foundation.  It incorporated the views of the residents and political leaders throughout the Valley.  It was also recognized by the College Governing Board.

Most, but not all,  of its recommendations have been ignored.  The document remains viable for future planning of the Verde Campus and the Sedona Center.  To read or download a copy of the document, please click on the following:  2014 PRINCIPLES OF LAND USE APPROVED AUGUST 2008 SIXTH DRAFT

Verde campus idea booklet

VISIONS FOR THE VERDE CAMPUSNew booklet with ideas for developing Verde campus published

A new booklet containing ideas about the future development of the Verde campus has been created.  It contains ideas gathered over a period of years from persons familiar with community college education and possess knowledge of the Verde campus.  The Blog, which authored the booklet, is continuing to seek other ideas.  If you have ideas about future development of the Verde campus, please let us know about them so they can be considered for the next edition of this booklet.

You may read the booklet by clicking on the following: VISIONS FOR THE VERDE CAMPUS

Mystery of Film School Collapse

Booklet examines the reasons Sedona and Verde Valley residents were stunned when the Community College announced the closing of the Sedona Film School

FILM SCHOOL COLAPSE COVER OF BOOKLETThis Blog is committed to bringing to its readers the facts behind decisions made by the Yavapai Community College administrators that affect the residents of Sedona and the Verde Valley.  One of the most bewildering decisions was the complete turn-about of the Community College in handling the Sedona Film school.

A 23 page booklet, written by the Blog editor,  uses media reports and other sources of information to follow the College’s actions relative to the Film School over a two-year period prior to closing the program.  It also asks the College to provide dollar and cents support for its claim it was subsidizing the Film School to the tune of $300,000 annually. How do you think the College  responded to that question?   

By clicking here, you will be taken to the booklet.  Enjoy.  MYSTERY OF WHY SEDONA FILM SCHOOL CLOSED.

Independent Verde Valley College makes common sense

Reasons supporting a separate administrative community college for the Verde Valley outlined in detail

WHY AN ADMINISTRATIVE COLLEGE IN THE VERDE VALLEY MAKES COMMON SENSEOften the question is asked, “what are the advantages of a separate administrative college for the Verde Valley?”  The answer is that there are many of them.  

The history and the reasons why an administrative college for the Verde Valley is essential to the future education of its citizens is outlined in detail in the attached booklet entitled:  “An Administrative College in the Verde Valley Makes Common Sense.”  

Please click on the following link to read the 12 page booklet.  It will be enlightening.WHY AN ADMINISTRATIVE COLLEGE IN THE VERDE VALLEY MAKES COMMON SENSE.

Booklet examines Career and Technology in Yavapai County

What is the future for Career and Technology training opportunity in the Verde Valley?

COVER FUTURE OF CTE TRAINING IN THE VERDE VALLEYA 23 page fact-based booklet reviewing the future of Career and Technology Education (CTE) opportunities in the Verde Valley has been published.  

The booklet  provides background information about CTE training on the East and West sides of the County and shows the enormous difference currently existing in learning opportunities.  It can be read in PDF format by clicking here.CTE BOOKLET