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A Curtain of Secrecy

What is Yavapai College hiding, if anything?



The Yavapai Community College Administration’s curtain of secrecy over its operations is puzzling.  And it should be of concern to every citizen in Yavapai County.

SECRETEThe College uses the adoption by the District Governing Board of the Carver™ model of governance as a shield to protect it from providing information to the public.  The Carver model says all operations are in the hands of the College President.  It tells Governing Board members they cannot interfere in any way with operations.  They are forbidden from talking with students, faculty or staff about the College.  The Administration tells faculty and staff they cannot talk to Board members about any problems they may have.  It is a part of a curtain of a calculated secrecy surrounding the College’s operation. 

Incredibly, once a vote on an issue is taken by the Governing Board, the Governing Board members are forbidden by the Carver model from discussing their view with the public if they dissented. These are public officials elected by the voters who have had this yoke placed on them. They should remove it now!

The College has set up a communications control funnel that requires almost every piece of information be passed by the President.  The College has made it clear to staff and faculty they are not to provide College information unless it is funneled through the President’s office.  However, requests for information sent to the President’s office can be ignored, delayed, or provided in a form of little use. Sometimes the curtain of secrecy exercised by the President is so obvious one can only scratch one’s head.

For example, it was no accident that the Blog’s video reporter was refused admission to a Health Care summit put together by the College. At that summit Prescott Valley officials were present, among others.   It was no accident that when the Blog asked for enrollment data for 2015-16 it was forced to prepare a formal public data request; the Blog still awaits an answer.

It was no accident that the Verde Independent was required to make a formal public data request for information about the number of 2015 Verde graduates.  Or that its repeated requests for information about enrollment have been ignored.

This is an Administration that believes in telling Yavapai County citizens only what it wants them to hear via its propaganda office.  Nothing else. It is a closed, tightly controlled information agency. What is it afraid of? 

Please click here to read an outstanding editorial on secrecy written by The Verde Independent editor, Dan Engler, detailing the incredible experience he has had with the College Administration.  You have to read it to believe it. 

YCC County survey

Recent YCC survey shows dissatisfaction with Community College in Sedona/Verde Valley

A survey of County residents by Yavapai Community College confirmed what Sedona/Verde Valley residents already knew: They are not satisfied with the Community College programs and services in Sedona/Verde Valley. To view and listen to the ten minute report given to the Governing Board, please click here.

Most of the questions in the survey were quite self-serving with obvious responses. For example, the survey asked respondents whether the Community College “should help job seekers.” It would be hard to believe anyone would say “no” such a question. It also asked whether the Community College should provide for “opportunities for personal enrichment.” Once again, it would be hard to believe anyone would answer “no.”  (To see a list of some of the questions and survey summary, please click here.)

In the economic/cultural ends section of the survey respondents were asked if the College should “help new businesses in the county?” Why would anyone say “no?” The survey also asked whether the Community College should enhance “the cultural life of residents?” Why would one say “no?” However, when it came to a specific question on services to the County and the open ended section of the survey,  Sedona/Verde Valley voices were heard loud and clear.
For example, when asked about participation in in College services, there was a significant difference show with an average of 5.1 for the Prescott side of the County while only 3.7 on the Mingus East side of the County.

Tell us what you think clipIn the programming area, Sedona/Verde Valley respondents sent the College a list of issues that concerned them.  They included:

a. Keep Nursing (31)
b. More Cultural/ Entertainment Events (22)
c. Concerned about moving east county programs to west county (18)
d. Support/ expand Community Ed & OLLI (17)
e. Bring Back Film (14)
f. CTE (12)
g. Programs that lead to jobs (12)
h. More Art (10)
i. Focus on Instruction only (no Econ Dev or Culture) 9
j. Dorms (6) 

When it came to scheduling issues, Sedona/Verde Valley respondents listed the following as their concerns.

a. More face to face (28)
b. Schedule to allow completion (10)
c. Fewer cancellations (7)
d. More evening classes (7)

There was major concern about the College not spending enough time in the Verde Valley. (41)

When is came to improving marketing/ outreach, respondents provided a long list of issues and suggestions (30).

a. Become visible part of community
b. Hold public forums
c. Bring back paper schedule of classes
d. Advertise events & classes
e. In-class announcements
f. Radio
g. Better informed employees
h. Campus Tours/ Open Houses

Faculty Association priorities

Faculty Association sets priorities for the coming academic year

PROFESSOR GORMAN 1Professor David Gorman, president-elect of the Yavapai Community College Faculty Association, provided the Governing Board with the priorities it has set for the coming academic year at the August 12 Board meeting. They include: (a) continuing the student success initiative, (b) creating department chairs for some departments with the goal of improving two-way communication between faculty and the administration,  (c) getting faculty more involved in the budgeting process, and (d) carefully reviewing the dual enrollment program. To hear and view Professor Gorman’s report to the Governing Board in its entirety, you may click here.

Verde Independent newspaper poll says College falling down on communication

Verde Independent readers say College not doing enough to communicate with the Verde Valley

Verde news independent pollA poll  by the Verde Independent found that 86% of the readers believed that the Yavapai Community College was not doing a sufficient job of improving communication with the Verde Valley?  The reader poll was conducted in July, 2014. 

Question:   Is Yavapai College doing a sufficient job of improving communication with the Verde Valley?

Yes – 14%, 10 votes

No – 86%, 60 votes