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Revenue for more important educational projects fall behind the unneeded facility

Wills tried to justify to the District Governing Board at its October 2017 meeting the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the outdoor amphitheater that is going up on the Prescott Campus. Although the numbers of students on the Prescott Campus have steadily declined over the past seven years using actual the FTSE measurement provided by the College (SEE GRAPH BELOW) in its annual financial reports, Wills said that as “more and more students are staying and being engaged in the College, they want to sit on the hillside.” The hillside is now used by Family Enrichment children who “roll down the hillside,” she also said.

She went on to say that the College will be able to have “outdoor movies, concerts, etcetera right there. It’s another space where students can get engaged.”

The graph below shows the enormous decline in students on the Prescott Campus.  The photo below, which was provided to the Governing Board in its agenda, shows the size and scope of the amphitheater project that taxpayers and County high schools via the dual enrollment fees charged by the College  are paying for.

As noted in an earlier Blog posting, it seems hard to justify such an expenditure when there are so many other educational needs in the District that are crying for that revenue. 

The one-minute explanation by Wills for the project can be viewed on the Video below.



Ceremony at 11:00 a.m. at   Prescott Valley Center, 6955 Panther Path Prescott Valley, AZ 86314; five new Allied Health programs added to curriculum and partnership solidified with Mountain Institute JTED to use facility

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony that celebrates the opening of  the newly renovated  Yavapai Community College Prescott Valley Allied Health Center. The event will occur at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 24.  The Center is located at 6955 Panther Path Prescott Valley, Arizona  86314. The ceremony is open to the public and will be followed by tours.  

The Community College has spent over $4 million in new construction and renovation on this project, most of which came from property taxes paid by all taxpayers in Yavapai County.  It has also partnered  with the West County Mountain Institute JTED to offer high school students courses at the Center.  The believes that this will jump-start in their health careers.  The Mountain Institute did not provide funding for the facilities or the equipment that was placed in those facilities.

The Community College also added five new allied health credits programs at the Center this year.  They are Phlebotomy, Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assistant and Health Information Technology. 

Community College and JTED students from the Mountain Institute will be using new fully-equipped medical assistant exam rooms, phlebotomy blood draw lab, hospital rooms and classrooms.

The College also offers non-credit Allied Health offerings are Caregiver and Certified Nursing Assistant Bridge to Caregiver Training.

The following are three of the many photos supplied the District Governing Board  in its September agenda. These photos show only a small part of the renovation at the Prescott Valley Center. You may view all the photos contained in the Governing Board agenda by clicking here.


College has so much primary property tax revenue that it can spend it on frivolous projects like this—beautiful but unjustified and  unnecessary—the revenue could be better spent on educational programs

Construction of the amphitheater on the Prescott Campus is moving ahead as scheduled.  Photos supplied to the District Governing Board in its October agenda show the progress being made. 

One has to question the wisdom of using County primary tax revenue for this project, which is nice but unnecessary.  It is the result of  the College having so much excess property tax revenue each year, it can spend it on projects like this without providing citizens any justification.  Moreover, there is never a priority assessment made by the Governing Board that weighs unnecessary projects like this against other potential educational projects throughout the County. Consequently, the Administration builds whatever it fancies with no accountability to anyone. 

Below are some of the photos provided the District Governing Board in the October Agenda. You may view all of them by clicking here.


Primary property tax rate increases and tuition hikes provide millions for capital projects with little citizen accountability or justification

The Yavapai Community College building boom supported by primary property tax revenue and increased student tuition continues throughout the District with the west side of the County spending millions in renovations, new parking lots, and new construction.  Since 2013, when the District Governing Board approved the $103.5 million dollar capital development plan in concept (with less than 5% going to the Verde Valley/Sedona), construction and renovation has been nonstop. This is especially true on the West side of the County. Note, however, that it has spent from $4 to $5 million over the past three years in Sedona trying to fix its public relations nightmare with that community. It has reopened the Sedona Center with a culinary institute that replaces the internationally recognized film school it shut down when it was contemplating selling the Center.

While there have been some changes to the 2013 $103.5 million capital development plan, the changes have not affected the flow of property tax revenue coming to the College that the administration uses for these projects. The changes have had little affect on West County development other than reducing the huge size of potential construction at the Prescott Valley Allied Health/JTED facility.

Recall that the College Administration has increased tuition every year in some form and the property tax rate was raised by the District Governing Board in six of the last twelve years to accumulate the cash to support the building projects.  In addition, the College has been over budgeting so that annually excess unspent general fund revenue is transferred into the capital building fund accounts.  Finally, recall that under the Administration’s revenue budgeting scheme, its expenditure plan allows it to spend from $6 to $8 million each year of primary property tax revenue on capital projects. 

What most County citizens don’t know is that the College administration does not need to justify to County voters or seek their approval for the massive construction/renovation projects it is using their primary property tax revenue to pay for.  In the distant past, the College had to seek General Obligation Bond approval from voters before embarking on capital projects. When seeking the bonds, the Administration had to  justify the expenditure of the millions of dollars and imposition of a secondary property tax to pay for them. Because of the budgetary scheme the Administration created,  that kind of accountability to voters no longer exists. (All the Administration needs is to persuade the highly political Governing Board three west county representatives to vote for the annual budget and the  spending spree continues. This group has  approved every request from the College since at least 2012.) 

Below are photos of some of the current construction/renovation involving buildings #1 & 15 and a sketch of a new atrium under construction on the Prescott Campus. They appear in the September Board meeting Agenda. Estimates are the College is spending from $5 to $6 million alone on these projects.  





$4 Million dollar renovation project will contain space for both music and arts programs; Building #1 addition moving along

Construction is moving ahead smoothly on renovating   #15 on the Prescott campus and construction the addition to building #1. Renovation  is currently estimated to cost a little over $4 million for building #15. (Earlier budgets put the figure at $5 million) The College hopes to complete construction by January 2018. The cost of the completed building #1 project is unclear.

In the final Master plan, there was a recommendation that Building #15 be renovated for additional rehearsal space and for additional storage space for the music program. You may click here to read the updated master plan

The Master plan states that “The music program at Yavapai College continues to grow and be a source of pride for the campus with its focus on the arts. The existing facility contains only one large rehearsal space, which is shared between both instrumental and vocal disciplines. This results in the search for rehearsal space, which often extends to the community room, making it unavailable for the community at large as was originally intended. The Campus Master Plan recommends the addition of a proper rehearsal space, with attention to the acoustical requirements needed for such a space.”

The Master plan goes on to state that “because Building 15 is shared with some visual arts programs, storage is  also an identified need for the two programs. Land exists immediately adjacent to the existing Building 15 making this the ideal location for expansion.” It also states that “The housing would be placed adjacent to the existing housing and in close proximity to the food service in Building 3. An extension of the green space network on camps will further tie the new halls to the remainder of campus.” 

The project is a part of the renovation and improvements program that was approved in December 2013 as a part of the $103,500,000 ten-year development plan. Below are drawings submitted to the Governing Board explaining the project.  


Newly renovated Center open to public  from 9 a.m. to noon, Wednesday, July 26

The public is invited to what the College describes as a “Sedona Center Program Preview Day from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 26.”  The College will provide a tour of the facility for visitors. 

The Sedona Center is located at 4215 Arts Village Drive, Sedona, Arizona.  For information about the Center and the July 26 event, please click here.

For more information and a schedule of classes, visit the college’s website at Updated information about the culinary arts and hospitality programs is available by contacting Call 928-634-6560. For class registration, visit, or contact the Yavapai Community College  Answer Center,, 928-634-6520.


Building 29 on Prescott Campus renovated, new parking lot created, and area landscaped

Building 29 is located at the southeast corner of the Prescott Campus, close to the administration but slightly removed from the academic core. It was thought by the administration that the location makes it “an ideal location for a business center focused on community outreach and partnerships.”  Renovation began several months ago with Northern Arizona University moving to the University Transfer Center in Building 1.  Building 29 houses the Small Business Center and the Osher Lifelong Learning program.

The following are photos showing the renovation of Building 29, which are found in variouis District Governing Board agendas over the past several months.


Work anticipated to be complete by the fall semester

The Interior work on the west wing Sedona Center is moving ahead on schedule. Equipment is being installed in the culinary and pastry kitchens. The walk-in  coolers and freezers are being installed in basement level store room.

The following are a few of the photos shown to the District Governing Board in its Agenda at its June 13, 2017 meeting that depict the renovation of the Sedona Center. Project substantial completion is scheduled for July 1. You may view additional photos of the project in the June 2017 agenda by clicking here.



Allied Health JTED Health Occupation Program facilities going up

The Allied Health JTED Health Occupation program facilities at the Prescott Valley Center are going up.  As photos posted in the District Governing Board Agenda show, two of which are below, the construction crews are already working on the second floor of the new structure.

The goal of the construction and design team is to ensure that classroom and lab spaces are ready for students at the start of the fall 2017 semester.

The construction program dates for completion as outlined by the College is as follows:

  1. Prescott Valley Center Parking Expansion – December 2016 through June 2017

  2. Prescott Valley Center Addition – January 2017 through July/August 2017

  3. Prescott Valley Center Addition Floor 2 Completion – December 2017

  4. Building 2 Interior Remodel – May through August 2017

  5. Prescott Valley Center Existing Space Remodel – May through August 2017

  6. Move JTED from Centre Pointe to Prescott Valley – July/August 2017

  7. Move Allied Health to Prescott Valley Center – July/August 2017



Sedona renovation, College for Kids, CTEC and new concurrent courses moving forward

Verde Valley Executive Dean James Perey reported on the progress of various projects in the Verde Valley at the May 9, 2017 board meeting. According to Dr. Perey, the following is a list of new programs and projects underway.

  • The $5.4 million renovation at the Sedona Center will be completed by the end of July, 2017.
  • A new “sprung floor” to be paid by Yavapai Community College will be installed at the Performing Arts Center at the Red Rock high school. The seven-day project is expected to be completed by the fall semester. The College and the high school will begin a cooperative performing arts program this fall.
  • The “College for Kids” summer program attracted 485 students in 2016. This year Dean Perey expects an even larger attendance. He attributes the success of the program to cooperation between Yavapai Community College and the local school districts in the Verde Valley.
  • The final acre of the vineyard on the Verde Campus was planted the end of April. This brings the total acreage to about 13.5.
  • The culinary program at the Sedona Center will begin this fall with morning classes open to all high school and Community College students.
  • A new medical assistance program for high school and Community College students will begin on the Verde Campus this fall. 
  • Dr. Perey anticipates an intergovernmental agreement between the career and technical education district in the Verde Valley and Yavapai Community College to be executed at the June, 2017 Governing Board meeting.

Dr. Perey’s six minute report to the Governing Board follows.