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Classroom, lab space added; RESA anticipated to lease space following renovation

Recall that Yavapai College has partnered with the Resa Corporation and the City of Prescott to train RESA employees.  (See Blog posting dated January 25, 2018.) RESA is a small company located in Prescott. It has been around for about twenty years and is known for providing orthopedic insoles. RESA and the City of Prescott approached the College in December 2018 indicating a need to quickly train future employees.  The College agreed to partner with the City and RESA.

The College has moved at lighting speed on this project.  It created a 14 week 19 credit training program in about a month. Training begins shortly.  It has taken less than a month to renovate 4,000 square feet at the Career and Technical Education Center at the Prescott airport that will act as an employee training center. The space at CTEC was re-purposed to become classroom and lab space.

The training at CTEC is related to the fabrication of insoles created through scanning and 3-D printing. Students enrolled at the College attend a variety of technology related courses and work as paid interns. If they are  successful, they are promised full time employment by RESA.  

The fist layer of photos below were contained in the February 2018 Governing Board agenda, which can be accessed by clicking here. The second layer of photos were taken either by the College Facilities staff or by RESA.  


Prescott, Resa Corporation, NACOG  join with Yavapai College in unique training effort; Faculty create 19 credit 14 week curriculum in two weeks; Tuition fully paid; 14 week internships pay $14 an hour; $25 per hour job awaits students on completion

Vice President Ron Liss and Prescott City Manger Michael Lamar explained to the College Governing Board at its January 16 meeting about how the City of Prescott, NACOG, the Community College and the Resa Corporation joined hands to create a series of courses and internships in less than a month that will be used to train potential Resa employees beginning January 29.

Resa is a small company located in Prescott. It has been around for about twenty years and is known for providing orthopedic insoles.  Insoles prescribed by a podiatrist may cost from $400 to $500 a pair.  However, Resa has developed and patented a process where the entire procedure for making insoles takes place at a kiosk. The machinery in the kiosk scans and captures every detail of a person’s feet in three dimensions. The insoles are designed specifically for one individual based on activity level, medical need and foot structure. Once the scanning takes place at a kiosk located in a store such as Costco, the custom insoles are then 3D-printed with a high-quality thermoplastic in about an hour. They are then ready to be picked up by the customer.

Resa has obtained a number of agreements to locate kiosks in several high volume, high profile stores.  But the kiosks, which will be located in stores around the nation, must be maintained by well-trained technicians. Resa needed at least 25 almost immediately. Resa  anticipates training a future workforce in Prescott of from 150 to 300 technicians in an 18 month time frame.

The City of Prescott needed a quick response when Resa contacted it indicating a need for the trained workforce. The City believed that if it couldn’t produce the labor force for the Company, it would relocate. The City, which was contacted in December, asked for help from the College and at some point the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG).

The College responded by creating a 19 credit hour program to be completed in 14 weeks specifically for the Resa technicians. Yavapai Community College CTEC faculty spent the two week holiday designing the curriculum.

Tuition is paid by NACOG. If NACOG does not fully cover the tuition, the Company has agreed to do so.  In addition, the technician Internships that accompany the training program pay $14 an hour for from 16 to 20 hours a week.  Students spend the first three days of the week in training and the second two days as paid interns.  A $25 an hour job awaits at the Company for students who successfully complete the 14 week training program. Classes begin January 29.

The College will be leasing space at CTEC to the Company where students will be trained.  About 75 persons applied for the 30 student training slots  on January 14 at CTEC.   

The first video below contains the explanation of the project by the Prescott City Manager.  The second video below contains additional information about the College’s role in the project.




Morning meeting a budget workshop; regular meeting at 1 p.m.; City of Prescott CTE partnership with College in 3D printing to be highlighted

The Yavapai Community College District Governing Board will meet Tuesday, January 16 at 10 a.m. for a budget work session.  The meeting will be held on the Prescott Campus – Rock House, 1100 E. Sheldon St., Prescott.

The Governing Board will hold its regular Board meeting the same day, Tuesday, January 16 at 1 p.m. That meeting will also be held on the Prescott Campus – Rock House, 1100 E. Sheldon St., Prescott.

Vice President Dr. Ron Liss and Michael Lamar, Prescott City Manager, will present YC’s new Career and Technical Education 15-week training and internship program in custom 3D printing. The program was developed by Yavapai College in partnership with the City of Prescott Economic Development Office and Prescott-based RESA Wear.  You may read more about the items on the agenda by clicking here.

Both meetings are open to the public.  However, the call to public is provided only at the 1 p.m. meeting.

You may view the agendas for the two meetings by clicking here.



But East County Efforts Cannot Compare with West County CTE Development

Yavapai Community College upped its involvement in Career and Technical Education in the Verde Valley on the east side of the County in 2016-17. However,  its efforts pale in comparison to its overall efforts on the west side of the County.  On the east side of the County the Sedona Center was renovated and the Sedona Culinary Institute launched.

The College also increased its allied health programing on the east side of the County by launching a medical assistant program on the Verde Valley Campus in concert with the Valley Academy for Career and Technical Education (V’ACTE). It provides morning classes for students pursuing this credential.

It is also  began offering welding classes leading to AWS certification at Mingus high school. The classes are held at night at the Mingus welding laboratory. Students  include both Yavapai College  and V’ACTE high school students.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the County, the $20 million dollar state-of-the-art Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) at the Prescott airport was remodeled to accommodate offices for the Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District. The most recent estimated $7 million dollar renovation and parking lot improvements appear to have been mostly completed. The College also completed the $4 million plus renovation/new construction at the Prescott Valley Center. This will provide for growth of the College’s Allied Health Educational Programs. This facility will also accommodate the allied health training of the  Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District students.


$20 Million State of the Art Career and Technical Education Center

Gifts, grants, tuition and taxpayer money results in fantastic CTEC–Unfortnately, about 1/3 high school students in County don’t have access to the facility

Working closely with the West County High School Mountain Institute Joint Technical Education District (JTED), Yavapai College has created a state-of-the-art Career and Technical Education Center at the Prescott airport.  The total investment over the past nine years including gifts, contributions, tuition, and taxpayer revenue is close to $20 million dollars. Recently, the College put several million into  completely remodeling the Center.

Unfortunately, high school students from the East side of the County (Verde Valley) do not have access to this wonderful facility.  Only high school students on the West side of the County.

President Penelope Wills’ indicated to the Clarkdale town council that if the Verde Valley wanted a similar facility on a smaller scale, it would have to do so on its own.  Incredible!

The following video provides a three minute snapshot of a portion of the CTEC remodeling projects that are just now being completed along with some of the new state-of-the-art machinery.



Video shows some of the YC Parking lot reconstruction/resurfacing in last two years on West side of County–your tax money at work

The following three-minute video shows some of the construction of new parking lots and repaved lots carried out by Yavapai College on the West side of the County in the last two years.  

A second video in production will show you actual construction of buildings, etc.  All the while, the headcount, the College reports losing about 6,000 credit students in the last ten years.


CTEC Parking lot upgrades; space for High School Mountain Academy; landscaping 

Construction at the Career and Technical Education Center at the Prescott Airport continues unabated despite continued drop in enrollment, which now measures something around 6,000 students in ten years (using College headcount data).  The most recent report from the College on construction at CTEC came at the August 9, 2016 District Governing Board meeting.

The improvements at CTEC include new offices for the Mountain Institute, the JTED for the West side of Yavapai County.  There was also extensive work done to landscape CTEC and redo the parking lots that surround it.  All of the improvements are being paid for by property taxes and tuition.  This includes the facility constructed for the high school Mountain Institute program that benefits the West side of the County but not the East side. (It’s a great idea; too bad the East County is left out.)

The photos that follow were contained in the Agenda provided to the District Governing Board on August 9, 2016.CTECH PHASE TWO PARKING LOT AUGUST 2016 DGBCTECH PARKING LOT SHOWN AT AUGUST 2016 DGBCTEC PARKING LOT AUGUST 2016 REPORT TO DGBCTEC LANDSCAPING REPORT IN AUGUST 2016


National Science Foundation (NSF) awards $855,350 grant to CTEC

Will apply grant towards engineering technician training; how about the Verde Valley?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Yavapai College a $855,350 grant. It will be used at CTEC to provide among other things internships with employers. The grant is expected to provide up to 20 student interns with work-based experiences through paid internships with local business partners.

Currently, CTEC provides students with hands-on training in Applied Pre-Engineering, Computer Numerical Control, Integrated Systems Engineering and other vocational programs. These programs are open to West County high school students but not East County high school students. CTEC is also difficult to reach from the East side of the County by part-time workers, single parents, and the unemployed.

CTEC6The grant is also intended to help fund equipment enhancements and outreach events for rural high school students. How much of the grant, the criteria and which high schools will receive the assistance is not clear.

The grant may to some extent duplicate training funds that were already available under programs administered by the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG). NACOG provides employers and communities access to economic development funding within the region.

NACOG supports programs to assist economically distressed areas, planning regions, cities and counties to undertake significant economic development planning, policy making and implementation efforts. It may match employers and students as interns where there is an agreement with Yavapai College regarding a particular program. Currently, it works closely with a for-profit training facility located in Cottonwood, which reflects past difficulties NACOG has experienced with Yavapai College.

Recall that in 2012, Yavapai College received $1.87 million of a $13,477,799 grant awarded to a consortium of five Arizona community colleges to train people for high-skill, high-wage employment and advancement in energy and mining industries. All of the funds received by the College were spent on the West side of the County at CTEC. Much of it went for developing the line-worker program over there.

Keeping the public in the Dark. Because the College District Governing Board does not require detailed reports regarding grant expenditures, the public will probably never know how much was spent where and for what of this grant.  



Community College President Penelope Wills is not about to return any of the excess millions of dollars paid by Verde Valley taxpayers to the Valley to build a CTEC-like facility over here.  That would be equitable. Recall that since 2007 the College has pumped an estimated $16 million of primary taxpayer revenue into the CTEC facility at the Prescott airport.  It’s a terrific facility.  How about a smaller similar facility in the Verde Valley?  Are you kidding?

selfishFrom Wills’ perspective, none of the taxpayer property tax money should be used in the Verde Valley for similar and obviously smaller facility.  Instead, she claims there have been discussions about bonding and a decision made to encourage VACTE to float a General Obligation bond on its own.  (A College-wide bond would involve the College and she clearly does not want to be a part of helping the Verde Valley in this way.)

So, with County property primary taxes paying $16 million for CTEC, $5 million for a new Arts building (now under construction); $4 million for the Prescott Valley Campus; $10.75 million for a Chiller on the Prescott Campus; $3 million for a soccer field; $5 million for the Performing Arts Center, and $7 million for renovated dormitories, one can see the extreme selfishness of her view.  Oh, well.  And the fact she makes decisions without public discussions at Governing Board meetings is standard operating fodder in Yavapai County. 

Here is what she told the Clarkdale Town Council when the CTEC issues was raised.

“There have been discussions about should we as a College bond for that and bring a similar facility over here. I don’t think we want to go that direction. This is why. Because it would require if we bond for it it would have to go across the County. The Valley Academy has the ability to bond. They can bond for a building that is just within the Verde Valley. It would have a much higher chance of passing in this day of tax restrictions. So, we’re always looking for opportunities to work more closely together to bring more programs in here. And to have that pipeline coming into the College. And that to a large part explains the success of CTEC. Because of the Mountain Institute JTED and that strong pipeline coming into the College. So we’re looking for opportunities there. And I always look to see, o.k., . . . what is possible; let’s go for it. So I am very pleased that we are working very closely with Steve Dochery on that.”

CTEC renovations completed for $5.2 million

College Celebrates “Grand re-opening” 

The public attended an open house event at Yavapai College’s Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) at the Prescott airport on Saturday, October 10. The open house was intended to celebrate CTEC and learn more about the facility’s recent renovations and the valuable programs it offers. A brief program of welcome and remarks about the project was given to those in attendance.CTEC GRAND OPENING SHOP 2


The CTEC Campus is enclosed by a 108,000 square foot building, which sits on an eight-acre site. It houses 12 programs and the Yavapai College Rural Center for Entrepreneurship.

The $5.2 million renovation accomplished the following:

Added four new classrooms

Expanded space and labs for several programs

Incorporated 10,000 square feet of storage space

Enlarged the student computer commons

Created two computer labs

Replaced aging overhead lights with energy efficient LED lights

Added noise abatement features.

Programs offered through CTEC include Electronic Technology, Gunsmithing, Welding, Industrial Machine Mechanic, and Applied Pre-Engineering. The College reports that technical education is one of Yavapai College’s fastest growing offerings and prepares students for well-paying careers while helping to boost the local economy.

Blatant unfairness. None of the programs offered at CTEC today are available to High School students in Sedona and the Verde Valley.  Almost all of them are available to High School students on the West side of the County.  The unfairness of this situation has existed now for about 8 years, when the College administration closed down the development of the Northern Arizona Regional Skills Center on the Verde Campus and moved most, if not all, CTE training to the Prescott side of Yavapai County.