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C Administration of Justice program ranked

College program trails Rio Salado, ASU Skysong, Coconino, and Arizona Western

A website,, ranked five administration of justice programs in Arizona.  Of the 5 that were ranked, Yavapai Community College finished last.  Rio Salado was ranked number one and was followed by  ASU Skysong, Coconino, and Arizona Western. There were 18 programs analyzed. 

In response to the ranking  the College said that “[w]ith the heavy focus on having program completers, this is a marvelous stat. This stat [ranking last of 5 in the ranking] alone shows how much more effective we are at that goal than many of our larger competitors.”  

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Yavapai programs included in the evaluation are Associate of Applied Science in Administration of Justice degree, Certificate in Law Enforcement and Corrections, Certificate in Justice Studies and Certificate in Criminal Justice and Security, as well as the college’s Detention Academy operated in cooperation with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. The college graduated 49 students in these programs during the 2012-13 school year.

How many of you knew the Community College operated a “Detention Academy?”  You may read the rankings taken from the website by clicking here.

The Blog notes that according to the Fall 2015 course catalog there are  14 courses in Administration of Justice with 9 are online and 5  face-to-face classes  on the Prescott campus.  The Administration of Justice courses offered  in the Verde Valley consist of 12 courses:  9 are online and 3 are taken in Prescott.

The Detention Academy is apparently offered only in the summer.