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Editorial attacks effort by President Wills to quash free speech by Board representatives

Christoper Fox Graham

The Sedona Red Rock newspaper contained a blistering editorial on March 17, 2017 about president Penelope Wills’ efforts to suppress Governing Board members from exercising their right to freely speak about important issues. If Will’s had her way, a representative could never speak to his or her constituents following a vote in which they dissented from the majority. From her perspective, only the leader of the West County voting bloc, Ray Sigafoos could ever brief the media. The elected representatives are to be seen but not heard.

The Sedona Red Rock newspaper Managing editor Christopher Fox Graham made the following analogy as he opened the editorial:

“Imagine the only voice from Congress that Americans heard from was the Speaker of the House. Members of the House of Representatives would not speak to their constituents and every question proffered to them, whether in their local offices, at public events, or before or after major votes was answered with, “I am unable to speak on the matter. Please direct your question to the Speaker of the House, the only person who can speak on behalf of Congress.”

“Insanity, right? Undemocratic? Illogical for an elected body?

“Unfortunately, that is how the Yavapai College Governing Board wants to run itself and is indirectly reprimanding Governing Board members who speak to the public and the press.”

Mr. Graham pointed out that information from the college via Penny Wills has been “nearly impossible to get.” He urged Governing Board members to fight for the First Amendment right to speak your mind and to defy the undemocratic and illogical effort to suppress free speech.

Mr. Graham’s entire editorial can be viewed by clicking here

Note. You may view the comment at the March 7, 2017 Board meeting on video that has caused the free speech concern by scrolling down this page (or possible clicking to go to next page.)


What is Wills’ hiding about the meeting with Prescott Valley Town Council?

Wills’ again avoids acknowledging presence of Prescott Valley Town Council at March 26 meeting

The question is this: What is President Penelope Wills hiding about the March 26 meeting with the Prescott Town Council? Recall that on that date she hosted a private meeting with Northern Arizona University and the Prescott Town Council at the Prescott Town library. She later claimed it was “historic.”

What was she talking about when she mentioned “salaries for these positions” when providing a brief report to the Governing Board? And what did she mean when she said “we established some task forces?”

Recall that the media was not invited to the March 26 meeting. When a reporter asked for permission to attend, he was flatly refused. When Wills’ was asked later by the media about the meeting, she provided a curt response that omitted any reference to the Prescott Town Council. Here is her reply to the media request.



At the April 14 Governing Board meeting she reported to the Board on the March 26 meeting. Once again, she avoided any reference to the Prescott Town Council. She went so far as to claim that Yavapai College and Northern Arizona co-sponsored the event, although the invitation does not suggest that it is. She also mentioned without explanation “salaries” and “task forces.” 

Through sources, the Blog was able to obtain a copy of the invitation sent out for the March 26 meeting by Wills’ administration. It is reproduced below. Clearly, the Prescott Valley Town Council was invited.



The Blog has also determined that a quorum of the Prescott Valley City Council was present for the meeting.  Moreover, a web notice of the meeting was posted by the Prescott Valley Town Council.

So the question remains:  What is Wills’ hiding?  Her statement to the Governing Board regarding the March 26 meeting can be viewed by clicking here.










President Wills claims secret session with Prescott Valley Town Council was “historic”

“Historic” private session with the Mayor and the Prescott Valley Town Council part of Wills’ plot to keep Verde residents in the dark

On March 26 Community College President Penelope Wills hosted a secret private meeting with Northern Arizona University and the Prescott Town Council at the Prescott Town library. She later claimed it was “historic.”

There was no media invited to the meeting. When the Blog learned through sources of the meeting, its videoreporter was denied permission to attend and videotape it.

Later that day Wills told the Prescott Town Council that the secret meeting that afternoon was “historic.” She said the NAU and Yavapai Community College held the meeting to discuss “new ventures, etcetera, stronger articulation and new programs coming to our area.”

truth will set you freeWills seemed to go out of her way to flatter the Prescott Valley Town Council. She said  that she “appreciated their support. I can’t say enough about Prescott Valley.”

In making vague references to economic development in Prescott Valley, she said that she felt “professionally and personally very fortunate that you all get it.”  

The Blog has learned from sources that the College is looking at bankrolling a nursing/science facility that will be part of a large education complex in the Town. Wills’ obviously wants to keep knowledge of this matter as far away from citizens in the Verde as she can. Thus, the refusal to allow the Blog to videotape the portion of the meeting where a quorum of the Prescott Town Council was present. Or, to invite any media to attend.

You may view the Wills’ speech to the Town Council by going to the Prescott Valley Town Council web site.