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Perey tells Sedona Counsel he is meeting in December to explore spring 2018 hospitality program with Nation

The culinary program opened at the Sedona Center this fall has got off to a strong start. However, because of low enrollment, the hospitality programs offered on the Verde Campus failed to open in the fall of 2017. During questioning by the Sedona Council, Verde Valley Campus Executive Dean James Perey said that he is meeting with the Yavapai-Apache Nation in December to explore the possibility of using the Nation’s new hotel as a facility to provide real life training in hospitality.

Perey said he has been told by businesses in the area that they are seeking employees who have both culinary and hospitality training. He sees a partnership with the Nation as an answer to the low enrollment in hospitality courses. The hotel offers the possibility of real life clinical training in hospitality management.

You may view his remarks on this topic to the Sedona Council on November 28, 2017 below in a short 60 second clip of the meeting. You may view the entire Sedona Council meeting by clicking here.



VVBAC meets this Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

VVBAC meets this Wednesday

Hospitality and culinary presentations to be given

The Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee will meet this Wednesday, January 20, 2016 on the Verde Campus, Building M, Room 137, at 8:30 a.m.  The meeting is scheduled to adjourn at 10:30.

Items on the agenda include a presentation by Dr. James Perey, Verde Valley Executive Dean, and Dennis Garvey, Dean for Lifelong Learning Division, on culinary and Hospitality Programs.  There will also be a discussion about gathering feedback on a number of focus questions submitted to the Committee by the Governing Board.


Board approves Culinary and Restaurant/Hotel Management

Governing Board approves Culinary and Restaurant/Hotel Management courses; negotiations ongoing about leasing arrangements on East side of the County

The first step in creating  programs  in  Culinary Arts and Hotel Restaurant Management was made at the January meeting of the Governing Board.  The Board unanimously approved creation of the courses that could lead to culinary and Restaurant/Hotel Management certificates.  The next step is to create a path to an Associate of Arts Decree and then a B.A. with Northern Arizona University (or another institution). 

NEW 2There was a great deal of focus on the culinary courses during the Board presentation by the Community College.  It was learned that somewhere between 200 and 250 students will have the opportunity to take the culinary courses on the West side of the Mountain.  The Mountain Institute JTED on the West side of the County has been running courses at a Fudrucker’s for over a year. JTED operates two Culinary Arts programs: the one housed at the former Fudrucker’s restaurant is considered a “central campus,” and another exists on the Chino Valley High School campus. In October, 2013 the Mountain Institute reported that Chino Valley’s program has 113 students currently enrolled, compared to 88 this past year; the central campus increased from 34 to 45.  At the Board meeting in January, 2015  Dr. Wills estimated 250 high school students on the West side of the County as potential applicants while Dean Perey put the figure at 200.

On the West side of the County JTED pays the Fain Signature Group, owner of the Fudrucker property, $2,500 per month or 50 cents per foot, according to a news report attributed to JTED Finance Director Howard Moody. Common area maintenance is another $1,204, with taxes and insurance of $1,616 per month, for a total of about $5,320 to $5,358 per month.

On the East side of the County, the goal is to locate the culinary facility at the Camp Verde High School,  which has a teaching kitchen.  It is estimated about 50 students will have the opportunity to take culinary classes from the Community College.  The details have yet to be worked out with the Camp Verde School District and the V’ACTE, the JTED for students on the East side of the County.

The Administration assured the Governing Board that residents on the East side of the County will be provided with adequate information about the two programs.  To view and hear Executive Dean Perey’s presentation to the Governing Board, please click here.




Board to consider Hotel and Restaurant Management Certificate

College proposes adding Hotel and Restaurant Management courses 

NEW 2The Yavapai College administration will propose adding Hotel and Restaurant Management courses to its curriculum at the January 13 Board meeting.   In support of the proposed courses, Dr. Stuart Blacklaw wrote:  “The Hotel and Restaurant Management Certificate program, with a mix of business and life skills, will prepare individuals for management careers in hotels and commercial food service. The program will require little to no capital infrastructure – utilizing existing classrooms and facilities – while supporting local economy, business and industry.”

Dean James Perey wrote in support of the program that “During the 2013-2014 I made three visits to culinary/hospitality programs/institutes throughout the united states. Based on my findings a program in hotel and restaurant management requires little to no capital infrastructure and can utilize existing classrooms and facilities. In addition it can support the local economy, business, and industry.”

The College did not indicate it would hire any additional faculty.  In its application, it noted it had consulted with an advisory committee consisting of  Steve Segner (president of Sedona Lodging Council and owner operator of El Portal), Jennifer Wesselhoff (CEO, Sedona Chamber of Commerce), Brian Rader (restaurant manager Cliff Castle Casino), and Nate Schriber (director of feed and beverage Cliff Castle Casino).

The application was sketchy on where the program would be housed and provided few details of how it would be developed. The complete application may be found in the January 13, 2015 Agenda online by clicking here.