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Residence Halls renovation cost at $7 million

Newly renovated Residence Halls opened on Prescott campus – 220 students with $7 million dollar upgrade ($31,800 per bed)

The two newly renovated residence halls on the Prescott campus were officially opened Thursday, August 21. Officials at Yavapai College celebrated the opening with speeches, tours, food and a ribbon-cutting.

ESTIMATED COST: Haley Construction oversaw the $7 million renovation of Kachina and Marapai Residence Halls.  This amounts to about $31,800 per bed. Click here for full story written by Patrick Whitehurst in the Prescott Daily Courier.


Architect’s rendering found on Facilities Management web site.

Renovations to Marapai Hall were completed earlier this month; Kachina Hall renovations were completed last year.

Kachina hall houses about 90 YC students, and Marapai hall houses 130 students. There were a number of upgraded safety and energy-saving features, new kitchen areas, common areas, laundry facilities and security features. There was also new furniture, landscaping, paint and a new roof. Residents are given a number of amenities, such as parking, pool tables, movie nights, outdoor volleyball courts and more.

REPAYMENT OF $7 MILLION: According to the Prescott Daily Courier, “monthly rent for the renovated lodgings will be $620 per month.” The College told the Courier in a news release that: “Revenue from the monthly rental cost will cover the renovation’s associated costs.” Plans are also underway to rent the housing units in the summer months for additional revenue. 

Governing Board Chair Sigafoos and Prescott Mayor Pro-tem Jim Lamerson.

Governing Board Chair Sigafoos and Prescott Mayor Pro-tem Jim Lamerson.

Prescott Mayor Pro-tem Jim Lamerson, Governing Board Chair Ray Sigafoos, President Penelope Wills, and students addressed the gathering at the dedication.  Click here for photos taken at dedication that appear on YCC’s facebook.

Student housing in Prescott; none in Verde Valley

Students on Prescott campus move into renovated housing; no similar housing planned for Verde Valley

Commons and kitchen area of new student housing  drawing

Artists concept posted by Yavapai College of kitchen area of new student housing.

The Yavapai Community College estimates that about 130 students will be living in the new Marapai residence hall dorm this semester. Another 90 students will be living in the Kachina residence, which was completely renovated last year. There are no student housing plans for the Verde Valley. Source: Prescott Courier.  For artist renderings of the new facilities, please click here. 

To the left is an artist’s rendering of the renovated kitchen area of one of the new student housing projects.  The estimated cost for renovating the two dormitory areas is $5 million dollars.  The project was approved in 2012 – 2013 by the Yavapai Community College Governing Board.

The Board has refused to construct student housing anywhere outside Prescott.  This has been a major barrier to full development of the Verde campus in Clarkdale.  It is in part responsible for problems with supporting the Sedona Film School, which was closed by the College this year.