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New program allows classes with small enrollment to continue because of additional senior revenue; seniors may register only if seats available and only two weeks before registration closes

Ron Liss, Vice President of Instruction and Student Development, explained to the Governing Board at its September 12 meeting in Sedona that a new senior “enrichment” program was now in place.  About 30 seniors took advantage of the program this fall. Enrollment was kept small so the College could work out any bugs in the new program.

Liss said that the College can offer seats to seniors in classes that are being taken for credit by traditional students but only if seats are available.  A senior pays tuition for only half of the semester and may continue to complete the course (his or her option)  by paying the remainder of tuition.  

Seniors enrolled in these classes do not take tests and do not have to fill any prerequisites before they are admitted.  Seniors have the last couple of weeks before registration closes to sign up for the courses.

There are advantages to the College by allowing seniors to take these enrichment courses with traditional students.  It allows some courses to be held that would have been cancelled because of low traditional student enrollment.   It also allows more classes with smaller numbers for traditional students to be offered because the senior enrichment students bring in additional revenue to support the expenses related to the courses.

You may view Dr. Liss’s explanation to the Governing Board in the 3.5 minute video below.



“Late” classes open for enrollment

You can still sign up for some “Late Start” courses; Prescott offerings dominate selection

OPEN COURSESYavapai Community College says you can still sign up for some “late start” classes. Classes range from career skills building to health, fitness and recreation. For example, there are courses on learning internet essentials and business communication as well as pilates, mindfulness meditation and cross-training.

Of the 39 “late start” face-to-face classes being offered, 18 are on the Prescott campus, 2 on the Verde, and 2 in Prescott Valley. There are also online classes being offered with 14 on the Prescott campus, 1 on the Verde campus and 1 on the Prescott Valley campus. Please click here to see the list of courses being offered.