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What would you like the Cafe to carry?

The College will be opening a cafe at the Sedona Center this Winter. It will serve drinks and snacks.  But to better serve you, the Sedona Osher Life Long Learning Center (OLLI) folks would like to hear what you would like the new cafe to carry. And what would most enhance your OLLI experience at the Center.  The information gathered will help design a menu for food and drink offerings.

OLLI has created a  short survey and asks for your response.   Here is the link created by OLLI for the suvey:  Sedona Cafe Survey link .




OLLI encourages you to try registering online via its website

Registration is now open for Winter for OLLI programs.  OLLI encourages those seeking to enroll in OLLI courses to try registering online via OLLI’s website (link).

The first event will be the Taste of OLLI in Clarkdale on the Verde Campus on the 18th – open to everyone. OLLI encourages you to “bring a friend”  and  sample classes, meet facilitators, have lunch and socialize. 




Site will make choosing courses and registration for courses easier

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) has launched its own Sedona and Verde Valley website. The site is designed to inform and to make choosing OLLI courses and registration easier.

You may click here to go to the new website. Note that OLLI says that the website is still in beta development and will be upgraded throughout the summer.

Great Free Discussion Series on Verde Campus April 14

Six programs on Verde Campus  — something for everyone

Osher Life Long Learning will offer six brown bag brain buzz programs during April and May on the Verde Campus in Clarkdale.  Admission is free.  The programs run from 12:30 to 1:30 and will be held in Room G-106 on the Clarkdale Campus. The complete schedule is set out below.  See you there.



Chinese Festivals and Celebrations:

A Talk by Fenfen Li, Visiting Mandarin Scholar

OLLI Sedona/Verde Valley is presenting a series of three talks by Fenfen Ni, a teacher from China who is spending a semester at Mingus Union High School. The first presentation, Chinese Festivals and Celebrations, will be held on Monday, February 29 at 2:00 in Room M-137 on the Verde Campus, and on Friday, March 4 at 2:00 pm in Room 34 on the Sedona Campus. These presentations are free and open to the public.


Sedona Taxing District forks out $7 million annually to support College

Sedona Facility Receives little in return for its huge tax investment

Using 2012 data, the City of Sedona reports (9/25/2015) that the Sedona Taxing District annually forks out over $7 million dollars to Yavapai College.  Of that amount, $6,589,567 is paid through primary taxes and $754,622 goes to pay off General Obligation bonds.

Taxes 6With total primary tax-based revenue in 2012 flowing to the College from Yavapai County property taxpayers of $43,701,144.00,  this means the Sedona Taxing District alone contributed at least 15 percent of the revenue toward operating the College.

In the past two years the College has threatened to close and sell the Sedona Campus and shut down the well respected film program.  Because of a wave of outrage at the potential closing, the District Governing Board backed off selling the property by settling a dispute with an adjacent landowner that had festered for a decade.  However, the administration followed through on its threat to shut down the Sedona Film School.  In fact, the College administration stripped the Sedona Center of all but one or two College credit courses taught by adjuncts. After two years, it  has done little to return Yavapai College credit courses to the facility. 

There are Osher Lifelong Learning courses offered by the independent nonprofit Osher Foundation.  The Foundation is not a part of the College, rather it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that pays Sedona Osher employees from a $2 million fund it set up for them.  The College provides in-kind support by allowing Osher to use its facility.

The full story carried in the Redrock News online can be read by clicking here.

OLLI and Arizona Humanities

OLLI and Arizona Humanities present:  The Food of Arizona: Many Cultures, Many Flavors–March 20th 2:00pm room M-137 (Clardale), by Gregory McNamee

Gregory M

Gregory McNamee

Consider the taco, that favorite treat, a staple of Mexican and Mexican American cooking and an old standby on an Arizonan’s plate. The corn in the tortilla comes from Mexico, the cheese from the Sahara, the lettuce from Egypt, the onion from Syria, the tomatoes from South America, the chicken from Indochina and the beef from the steppes of Eurasia.

The foods of Arizona speak to the many cultures, native and newcomer, that make up our state. Join McNamee in exploring these many delicious traditions, and sample some Southwestern foods after his presentation.

Olli photo exhibit

Olli photo exhibit on the Verde campus

Olli photo exhibit 2


Financing OLLI

OLLI is self-financed; College provides rooms and some administrative help with finances

OSHER LIFE LONG LEARNING 2The Blog occasionally receives questions about the OLLI program and how it is financed.  We asked OLLI officials and they responded as follows:

“OLLI is self-sufficient [and] takes no funds from the College general fund. About one third of [OLLI] funding comes from the endowment (given to the college). [The funds from the endowment are] disbursed annually – the exact amount depends on how the investment has performed the previous year. Two thirds of [OLLI’s] budget comes from [its] membership/class fees.”

[The] “budget pays for 4 part-time staff (less than 20 hours/week) and one full-time staff.” 

 The college “provides [OLLI] with space to offer classes, and with some degree of administrative support in the sense of handling our money (although [OLLI does its]  own financial budget management) and [pays its]  staff (using [the OLLI] budget) – all of [OLLI’s} registration (membership) money goes into [OLLI’s] budget held at the college.”

We hope this answers those questions about how OLLI is financed.

OLLI Photos in Verde Art Gallery

College and OLLI partner to present OLLI member photographers exhibit

Event 5The Yavapai College Verde Art Gallery has partnered with the Verde Osher Lifelong Learning Institute to present the work of OLLI member photographers at the Verde Art Gallery.  The exhibit will run from January 20 to February 5, 2015.  The opening reception will be held Thursday, January 22 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Verde Campus Art Gallery.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with the OLLI Arizona Humanities program: “Silver Images on Glass Plates: Early Photography in Arizona 1865-1930” to be held on the Verde Campus in January. For more information, call (928) 649-5479 or visit the Gallery on the web at