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McCasland seeks greater open communication from Wills’; changes in Board behavior

Expresses serious concerns about lack of effective Administration communication and poor Board behavior

The Wills’ administration has on occasion admitted it is not good at communication.  That failing was again evident from Governing Board Representative Deb McCasland’s  written remarks, which are contained in the January 12 Governing board agenda.  (You may view the agenda by clicking here.

Deb McCaslandUnder the Carver model of governance adopted by the Governing Board, Wills is obligated to keep the Governing Board members well informed. McCasland expressed obvious concern that Wills’ was not meeting that obligation.  McCasland wrote that “information that affects the Board should be shared with all the Board members as it occurs, not just select individuals.” She wrote that “open communication is very important to provide trust and respect, Finding out about college administrative matters in the press and not first from the President is not effective communication.” 

She continued that:

“notifications to the Board are not timely. Too often I found out about administrative changes through news releases in the newspapers, not from Dr. Wills.” 

McCasland also raised questions about how the Governing Board was functioning.  She stated that “We need to have more discussion on intended long-term impacts on the communities. We are lacking in our civic trusteeship obligation to all the owners of our district. Verde Valley owners have legitimate concerns that are not being addressed.”

Finally, she stated that:

 “Board meetings are not an open exchange of opinions or comments. Often Board members insult other members, individuals and committees of the Board. (This policy) needs to be readdressed and defined.”

Governing Board disciples of Policy Governance attend Vancouver, Canada conference; return with another indoctrinator

Policy governance indoctrination continues for new Board members

Community College District Governing Board Chair Pat McCarver and Board member Ray Sigafoos attended the International Policy Governance Association Conference in Vancouver, Canada on June 18 – 20, 2015.  Both are disciples of this method of controlling an elected representative governing board.  This model of governance  provides the West side of the County with effective control over Verde Valley elected representatives in terms of their ability to exercise free speech when publicly discussing Board actions with their constituents.  This is especially true when it comes to the unfair treatment Verde Valley taxpayers have suffered at the hands of the West side of the County. Both McCarver and Sigafoos have been leaders in seeing to it that Community College economic development takes place on the West side of the County rather than the East side. 

During their trip to Vancouver, they  also apparently signed up Richard Stringham, Senior Associate, The Governance Coach, to assist with further indoctrination of the three newest Board members into the Governance Model at the retreat to be held Monday, August 31. Click here to go to retreat agenda

This will be Mr. Stringham’s second trip to the College. He was here on August 27, 2010 where he facilitated a Board discussion on facilitating policy governance. Click here to see the 2010 agenda

Mr. Stringham is employed by a group called “The Governance Coach Team.”  Its website states that Stringham  was “Personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance, by John and Miriam Carver at the Policy Governance Academy” and  is a “Coach to boards in implementing Policy Governance.”  Click here to see the Governance Coach Team website.  He has  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Professional Agrologist, Alberta Institute of Agrologists.

February indoctrination.  Indoctrination for the three new Board members into  this policy governance model began on February 3, 2015 when then chair Ray Sigafoos invited Stacy Sjogren, principal consultant, Out of the Woods Consulting, to conduct the retreat and to meet individually with Deb McCasland and Steve Irwin the day before the retreat to explain (indoctrinate) them into the Policy Governance model.  Board minutes of the retreat can be accessed by clicking here.  Sigafoos had run across Sjogren while attending an International Policy Governance Conference in Minneapolis. The Out of Woods website can be accessed by clicking here.