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Skills labs and examining rooms are superior learning facilities

The Prescott Valley Center allied health program facility photos shown to the District Governing Board at its August 8, 2017 meeting  were spectacular.  The $4 million plus facility will be opening in August and boasts superior skills labs and examining facilities. The Board is anticipated to hold a Governing Board meeting at the facility in the next couple of months.

The photos, which were taken by College facilities management, can be found in the August 2017 Governing Board agenda by clicking here.  Some of them are reproduced below. 


Allied Health/EMS/JTED  consolidated and moved to Prescott Valley Center—a real advantage for JTED training and additional tuition for the Community College

The Community College Facilities Management reported to the District Governing Board at the August 8, 2017 meeting that the Allied Health/EMS/JTED Health Occupation Programs were moving (or had been moved) to the Prescott Valley Center.  Management also reported that the Prescott Valley Center Parking Expansion  was complete and the Prescott Valley Center addition was substantial Complete. Facilities management indicated the Prescott Valley Center Addition second floor was almost complete with programming starting August 30.

The Joint Technical Education District, Mountain Institute, has fully partnered up with College. It has its administrative headquarters at the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) and its Health Occupation programs are now housed at the College’s Prescott Valley Center. 

The Community College’s close, supporting partnership on the West side of the County with the Mountain Institute has been developing over a ten-year period.  During that same period, it is the Blog’s view that the College and District Governing Board have essentially written off the JTED on the East side of the County.  The result of writing off the East side of the County has been devastating to East side CTE training opportunities, especially East County high school students who are not able to consider enrolling in several of the sophisticated job training opportunities offered at CTEC (or taking similar courses on the East side of the County).  Those opportunities are only available to students who are a part of the West Mountain Institute JTED.  From the Blog’s view, this is simply not educationally fair as the College is supposed to serve “all the County” equitably.




$4 Million dollar renovation project will contain space for both music and arts programs; Building #1 addition moving along

Construction is moving ahead smoothly on renovating   #15 on the Prescott campus and construction the addition to building #1. Renovation  is currently estimated to cost a little over $4 million for building #15. (Earlier budgets put the figure at $5 million) The College hopes to complete construction by January 2018. The cost of the completed building #1 project is unclear.

In the final Master plan, there was a recommendation that Building #15 be renovated for additional rehearsal space and for additional storage space for the music program. You may click here to read the updated master plan

The Master plan states that “The music program at Yavapai College continues to grow and be a source of pride for the campus with its focus on the arts. The existing facility contains only one large rehearsal space, which is shared between both instrumental and vocal disciplines. This results in the search for rehearsal space, which often extends to the community room, making it unavailable for the community at large as was originally intended. The Campus Master Plan recommends the addition of a proper rehearsal space, with attention to the acoustical requirements needed for such a space.”

The Master plan goes on to state that “because Building 15 is shared with some visual arts programs, storage is  also an identified need for the two programs. Land exists immediately adjacent to the existing Building 15 making this the ideal location for expansion.” It also states that “The housing would be placed adjacent to the existing housing and in close proximity to the food service in Building 3. An extension of the green space network on camps will further tie the new halls to the remainder of campus.” 

The project is a part of the renovation and improvements program that was approved in December 2013 as a part of the $103,500,000 ten-year development plan. Below are drawings submitted to the Governing Board explaining the project.  


Large landscape project involving buildings 29, 30, 31 completed

Yavapai Community College’s investment in landscaping throughout the District continues with the Building 29 project and the Building 30,  31 Commons project.  The photos below were provided to the District Governing Board in their agenda at the June 13, 2017 Governing Board meeting.  The College project manager was Mr. Mike Kervin.


Prescott Festival Executive Director is College Media Director Helen Stephenson

Yavapai Community College is the Center of the Prescott Film Festival that runs from June 9-17 on the Prescott Campus. This is the 8th year of the Festival.

The Executive Director of the independent nonprofit Festival is Professor Helen Stephenson,  who is also the Yavapai College Film and Media Arts Director.

All of the Festival programs, films, and events are scheduled for the Prescott Campus at the Performing Arts Center.

Among the formal sponsors for the program are Yavapai Community College and the Yavapai Community College Film and Media Arts Department.  (See     Is it usual for a Department to sponsor an event?    

 The full Festival schedule and tickets on-line can be obtained at

You might recall that the Sedona Film School, which was the successor to the internationally acclaimed Zaki Gordon Film School located at Yavapai College’s Sedona Center, was closed down by Dr. Penelope Wills in 2013. Prior to its closing, the Sedona Film school was heavily involved in the Sedona International Film Festival. 

Grades 1 – 12 in Prescott to produce Cinderella

College partnering with the Missoua Childrens Theatre for summer program (must register by May 19)

The College has announced in a press release that young actors and singers and assistant directors in grades one through 12 are invited to experience a full-scale musical production this summer when Yavapai College and Missoula Children’s Theatre stage the classic fairy tale, “Cinderella.”

The production will take shape between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. June 19-23 at the Yavapai College Prescott campus. Performances are at 3 and 6 p.m. Saturday, June 24, at the YC Performing Arts Center.

Additional post-rehearsal theater workshops in acting, improvisation and makeup are available during production week.

Registration information and materials, including participation fees, are available by emailing Call 928-776-2045. The registration deadline is May 19.



Administration continues spending millions on buildings, parking lots, etc. on Prescott Campus (and elsewhere)

The College Administration spends from $6 million to $8 million dollars a year on various capital projects. All of the revenue comes from primary property taxes and student tuition. Compared to other educational institutions in Arizona, it is awash with revenue.  

For example, the District Governing Board was provided the following capital construction plan for the summer, 2017  at its April 7, 2017  meeting.  It is impressive and this list  is just for one campus.

The sketch was provided to the Governing Board in its agenda by McCarthy Smith Group JJR.



College donates equipment

The effort by Dana Dieterich to save the wet photo lab on the Prescott campus has failed.  She learned on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 that the equipment for the lab had been donated and the lab closed.

Dieterich evinced concern for faculty members who were adversely affected by the decision.  She was also concerned about the process leading to the closing, which she said was based on “misinformation.”

You may view Ms. Dieterich’s speech to the District Governing Board about the wet photo lab below.


Video provides snapshot of recent construction and renovation paid for by County property taxes

Few taxpayers in Yavapai County have any real idea about how their property taxes that are paid to the Community College are being used.  The fact is the College administration is spending millions of dollars of it on construction projects throughout the County.  It has taken from $6 million to $8 million every year and rather than put it into education programs, it has diverted it to construction projects.

By far the greatest spending is occurring on the West side of the County, especially on the Prescott Campus and at the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC).

The following four-minute video provides a snapshot of some of the construction that has occurred or is occurring  solely  on the Prescott Campus. It is amazing.






Video shows some of the YC Parking lot reconstruction/resurfacing in last two years on West side of County–your tax money at work

The following three-minute video shows some of the construction of new parking lots and repaved lots carried out by Yavapai College on the West side of the County in the last two years.  

A second video in production will show you actual construction of buildings, etc.  All the while, the headcount, the College reports losing about 6,000 credit students in the last ten years.