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Sedona Arts Center to offer Film school

Former YCC Sedona Film School instructors to assist Sedona Arts Center in developing new film school

Former Yavapai Community College instructors Bryan Reinhart and Jeremy Hawkes will be helping the Sedona Arts Center develop a film school, according to a story in the September 19 Red Rock News by “Andrew Pardiac. Reinhart said that “When the film school closed in May, we were approached by Lynette Jennings” who “felt the film school shouldn’t have closed down and she loved the way we taught there.” Jennings had done quite a bit of work with the Sedona Arts clip art 1

The Sedona Arts Center will initially rent space from the College and also some of the equipment. The semester long classes will be offered in the fall, 2015. In addition to the semester long classes, the Center will offer smaller workshops designed for residents who may not have the time or inclination to learn at a professionally geared pace but still want to learn modern filmmaking techniques and software.

To view a list of classes that SAC is offering, please click here.

Filmmaking school in Sedona “reborn”

Sedona Arts Center to offer film workshops

video clip art 1In a story in the Wednesday, September 17 edition of the Sedona Red Rock newspaper written by Andrew Pardiac, it was reported that the Sedona Arts Center will now begin offering film workshops. The Center also anticipates adding full semester courses in the fall of 2015.

The Center states on its website that it is:

“proud to announce the addition of Filmmaking to its diverse offerings. SAC has partnered with the Sedona Film Institute to offer a new home to the proud tradition of film education in Sedona. Building on 15 years of quality film education in the area, the new Filmmaking program provides a unique hands-on experience, providing educational opportunities from novice to expert. From personal projects to professional productions, our hands-on approach allows students with all levels of interest and skill to find an intensive and rewarding film experience within these workshop offerings.”

If you click here, you will be taken to the Sedona Arts Center Filmmaking School.  

Yavapai Community College closed the campus film school in Sedona this year saying it was too costly to continue.