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Initial student survey contains impressive list of College shortcomings on the Verde Campus

This spring a student Leadership Council was initiated on the Verde campus. One of its first efforts was to survey the student body about what it liked and disliked. The Council shared the results of the preliminary survey at the March 7, 2017 Governing Board meeting.

Overall, the preliminary survey indicated students had a good to great experience on the Verde campus. There was strong satisfaction with the instructors. Parking and the library also received very high marks from the students. The following is a list of areas the students indicated were less than satisfactory on the Verde campus:

Lacked classes comparable to Prescott.

Students would like a chemistry tutor, more degree seeking classes, and more extracurricular activities.

Lacked a bookstore.

“No activities.”

Unsatisfactory website.

Unsatisfactory ITV.

Unsatisfactory cafeteria.

Need more face-to-face classes (science and math).

Eight-week classes not preferred (mostly by ceramics program).

Would like to see advanced ceramics, foreign language, districts, and non-degree seeking courses.

Would like to see an art show, clubs, and a spirit week.

Would like to see more presents from the Pres./vice presidents. Return would like to see the president and vice presidents having more interaction with students.

Concerned with the proposed change to an eight week semester. This would adversely affect the ceramics program – six hour class is not workable for many people.

It would be great if Yavapai College on the Clarkdale campus offer direct school bus service from Sedona to the campus. The administration should check expiration dates and vending machines at student unions.

Club activities that are always based on the Prescott campus should also be on the Verde campus.

The survey was based on 81 responses. The Leadership Council hopes to obtain a minimum of 200 responses by the end of this academic year.

You may view the 10 minute presentation to the governing board from the students in full below.

Student organizations on Prescott campus outnumber Verde campus and Sedona Center by 13-1

Wide disparity in student organizations  between the East and West sides of Yavapai County another indication of poor  Community College development on the East side of County

Another clear indication of the failure to effectively develop the Community College on the East side of Yavapai County is the absence of student organizations in Sedona and the Verde Valley when compared to the development of student organizations in Prescott.

The College stresses the importance of student organizations on its website. It says that “There’s no better way to become active within the College community than working with like-minded people to achieve a common goal. Participation in clubs and organizations provides you with opportunities for Community Service, helps you make new friends and generate new interests and provides you with activities that promote personal and professional growth.”

Here is a list of organizations for 2014-15 and a short explanation about them. There are 13 listed on the Prescott campus; a total of 1 on the Verde Campus.

Student Clubs in Sedona and the Verde Valley (1)

Student Nurses Association. All students enrolled in the nursing program are members. This club works with the community on several projects during the school year to assist those who may have health, financial, or educational needs.

Student Clubs in Prescott (13)

Baha’i Association: Promote racial unity, equality of men and women, and world citizenship through the tenets of the Baha’i Faith.

English Club: The English Club is for those who delight in reading and writing, and talking about reading and writing. Come share your reading, your writing, and your love of language and its power..

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Club: Yavapai HOSA offers students an opportunity to learn leadership skills along with refining their career skill. It also teaches about professionalism and community service.

International Adventures Club:  Experience Yavapai College’s cultural diversity – learn about the habits and beliefs of others! Explore international cuisine, music and dance styles, all while developing new friendships!

Juggling Club: Learn to juggle or share your juggling skills!

Native American Club:  Provides opportunities for both Native American students and staff to interact with and to support each other through a variety of inter-tribal activities.

Northern AZ National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAZAEYC): Open to students in education and early childhood education fields. Club projects and activities promote community involvement, networking, discussion, and action around current issues facing early childhood and education fields.

SSS-TRiO:  SSS-TRiO promotes academic success for eligible, certificate and/or degree-seeking students who have completed the SSS TRIO Orientation.

Student Nurses Association of YC (SNAYC): The SNA-YC is a pre-professional organization committed to supporting and mentoring future nurses by providing opportunities in: 1) Leadership, 2) Professional Development and 3) Community Service. Membership is open to pre-nursing and nursing students.

Veteran Connection Club:  Establish communication with Yavapai College veterans and military organizations in order to promote personal and professional development of students, veterans (including active, retired, or drilling status service members), veteran’s families, and any supporter of the United States Military branches through learning opportunities, networking, and volunteerism.

YC Pride Club:  The Pride Club is established to promote the fair treatment and acceptance of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) people. We seek to bring a safe and non-judgmental environment to the campus for all who desire acceptance and tolerance.

Young Life at Yavapai College:  Crazy fun! Adventure! Significance!

Student Leadership Council: Meeting: Bi-monthly 9:30-11:30am Prescott 2-138.  The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is responsible for maintaining a communication link between students, faculty, staff, and administration. It is a student resource and service organization. SLC provides a voice for student concerns and ideas for improvement of Yavapai College.