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Also recommends scheduling more on-campus courses, expanded community event opportunities, and expanded outreach and community involvement activities for the East side of the County

After reviewing the responses to the Yavapai College District Governing Board 2017 Summer Survey Draft report,  the College staff made six specific recommendations that were intended to improve post-secondary education in the County.  They were presented to the Board at its September 2017 retreat.

Among those recommendations that most directly affect the Verde Valley were the following:   (1) Investigate sustainable Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in the East county, (2) expand community event opportunities, and (3) expand outreach and community involvement activities.

For many in the Verde Valley, the most important recommendation is that the Board continue to investigate developing  sustainable Career and Technical Education programs in the Verde Valley.

The list, as prepared by the College, follows below. (emphasis added) A video clip of the College addressing the recommended actions also follows.


Survey to use radio ads, internet, Facebook and 100,000 direct mail notices; total cost to taxpayers of project not revealed by College

Yavapai Community College has launched its annual softball-type survey throughout the County. According to Tom Hughes, the launch began Monday, June 12 and will run through August 4, 2017. It is referred to as a “marketing campaign” survey.

According to the College, it will market the survey through the Internet, radio, Facebook, and send 100,000 postcards in the mail to persons in the County. The cost of the survey will no doubt   run into the thousands of dollars. The College has not disclosed to the Governing Board or the public the total cost associated with the survey (postage, printing, staff hours).

Unfortunately, at times the survey tends to ask some rather simple-minded questions, which  appear to provide little actual useful data. For example, the first question in the survey asks whether the  College should help person seeking employment “acquire the qualifications, skills and knowledge to obtain a job …” It is doubtful that anyone would disagree that the  college should help person seeking employment.  If the answer is so obvious, why ask it?  The reason is the soft-ball response can be used in later publications based on the survey where the Governing Board and College applaud themselves. (“See all those who agree to our first question.”)

The survey is also long and asks questions that don’t affect most of the Verde Valley residents. It stays away from asking any comparative questions or asking about hot button issues.  For example, it doesn’t ask “whether you agree or disagree that the College should have built a professional tennis court in Prescott when it doesn’t have a tennis team?” Or, do you agree that “it is time to focus on CTEC in the Verde Valley.” Or, “is the College providing adequate Career and Technical Education in the Verde Valley?”  Or, “should it focus more attention on education rather than cultural events at the Performing Arts Dinner theater?”And so on.

A person may take the survey by clicking here.

Tom Hughes explanation of the survey you may view below.



Initial student survey contains impressive list of College shortcomings on the Verde Campus

This spring a student Leadership Council was initiated on the Verde campus. One of its first efforts was to survey the student body about what it liked and disliked. The Council shared the results of the preliminary survey at the March 7, 2017 Governing Board meeting.

Overall, the preliminary survey indicated students had a good to great experience on the Verde campus. There was strong satisfaction with the instructors. Parking and the library also received very high marks from the students. The following is a list of areas the students indicated were less than satisfactory on the Verde campus:

Lacked classes comparable to Prescott.

Students would like a chemistry tutor, more degree seeking classes, and more extracurricular activities.

Lacked a bookstore.

“No activities.”

Unsatisfactory website.

Unsatisfactory ITV.

Unsatisfactory cafeteria.

Need more face-to-face classes (science and math).

Eight-week classes not preferred (mostly by ceramics program).

Would like to see advanced ceramics, foreign language, districts, and non-degree seeking courses.

Would like to see an art show, clubs, and a spirit week.

Would like to see more presents from the Pres./vice presidents. Return would like to see the president and vice presidents having more interaction with students.

Concerned with the proposed change to an eight week semester. This would adversely affect the ceramics program – six hour class is not workable for many people.

It would be great if Yavapai College on the Clarkdale campus offer direct school bus service from Sedona to the campus. The administration should check expiration dates and vending machines at student unions.

Club activities that are always based on the Prescott campus should also be on the Verde campus.

The survey was based on 81 responses. The Leadership Council hopes to obtain a minimum of 200 responses by the end of this academic year.

You may view the 10 minute presentation to the governing board from the students in full below.

College conducts light-weight West dominated focus group forum survey

80% of communities/respondents on the West side of the County

President Wills put together a proposal for a series of community forums on November 15, 2015. She selected five communities:  Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley and Cottonwood in which to conduct the forums. 

She left out communities on the East side of the County including Sedona, Camp Verde, Clarkdale and Jerome.  Large unincorporated communities on the West side of the County such as the Verde Villages with 13,000 residents were also left out.

FOCUS GROUPSThe persons to attend the forums were also hand-picked.  The results of the survey were announced at the August Governing Board meeting.

Of interest is the fact that the College is aware of  the historic difference in views about the College between the East and West sides of the County.  The West side, which receives most of the benefits of the Community College, generally is much less critical than the East side.  Thus, the 80% selected to participate in the forums came from the West side of the County.

You may view the results of the survey as given to the District Governing Board at its August 9 meeting by clicking here. A total of 36 persons participated in the focus groups. 

Yavapai College Media Survey

Make your media preferances known

Yavapai College invites county residents to share their preferences for television, movies, music and more in a brief, anonymous media survey. The results will help YC’s Marketing and Communications Department make informed choices for delivering information on the College’s many academic and cultural opportunities.

Survey participants will be eligible to win three free credit hours for the 2016 summer or fall semesters.

You may take the survey by going to the following College web site (click here).


Governing Board focus on Verde Valley over next year

Governing Board Chair Sigafoos’ summary of retreat puts focus on Verde campus and Sedona Center over next year

Ray sigafoos 2

Yavapai Community College Board Chair Ray Sigafoos summarized a portion of the recommendations being made as a part of the Board’s spring retreat.  The retreat was held September 8-9 on the Prescott campus.   The Board recommendations included the following:

A.  Expand Career and Technical education in the Verde Valley.

B.  Expand Community event opportunity in the Verde Valley.

C.  Expand programming at the Sedona Center.

D.  Work/educate the Verde Valley Advisory Committee to the Governing Board.

E.  Board needs more information before deciding on an independent administrative college for the Verde Valley.  Prefers to wait until the Verde Valley committees have time to work with the Board and College.  The additional costs of setting up an independent Verde Valley campus was estimated by the College staff at $1.2 million dollars.

Mr. Sigafoos’ comments on this issue can be viewed as he delivered them at the September 9 Board meeting, by clicking here.


Staff recommendations based on survey results

YCC Staff makes seven recommended actions during retreat based on data obtained from resident feedback 

The Yavapai Community College staff analyzed the data from the County-wide poll, call to the public from March to August, and two Verde Valley focus groups. Based on the information obtained from that data, the staff recommended to the Governing Board at the September 8, 2014 retreat that the following actions be taken:Survey 6 clip art 1

1. Improve marketing and outreach to all regions of Yavapai County.
2. Explore expanded access to CTE programs in the East County.
3. Expand community event opportunities in the East County.
4. Review and improve course scheduling to increase availability and reduce cancellations
5. Now that the Sedona Center land situation has been resolved, develop appropriate programming for the center.
6. Continue to be price-conscious for tuition & fees, as well as all other services provided.
7. Continue to demonstrate and improve quality of academic offerings.

This data can also be found on the College website by clicking here.

County survey shows East County concerns

Verde Valley residents say College can improve programming, scheduling, return more for their taxes, and improve marketing/outreach

In a survey of Yavapai County residents by the Community College, the response from residents in the Verde Valley appears markedly different from the response of Prescott/Prescott Valley residents when asked what the College could do better. The differences are reflected in the following chart, which was prepared by College staff and presented to the Governing Board at the September 8 retreat.  The chart can also be found by clicking here, which will take you to the College’s web site where the material is posted.

Survey 4 doc complaints with notations

Open meeting analysis

March to August analysis shows Verde Valley residents dominate “call to the public” portion of Governing Board meetings with concerns 

An analysis was made of the major themes of concerns brought to the Yavapai College Governing Board during the “call to the public” portion of the Board meeting (sometimes referred to as “open call”) from March to August, 2014. The analysis was carried out by the College and presented to the Governing Board at its Spring, 2014 retreat. The analysis showed overwhelming concern being brought to the Board’s attention by citizens from the Verde Valley over the Sedona Center and the Verde campus.

The analysis, as conveyed to the Board at its spring retreat, follows.  It can also be found by clicking here:

Survey 2

Focus group results

Analysis of Verde focus groups reveals 5 major themes including a deep distrust/resentment of Prescott

In the Spring of 2014 the Yavapai Community College set up two focus groups to discuss issues involving the Verde Valley including Sedona. The College analyzed the outcome of the focus group discussions and found five major themes. This information was conveyed to the Community College Governing Board at its retreat on Monday, September 8.

The themes coming from the focus groups are listed below as presented by the College to the Board.  They can also be obtained from the College website by clicking here: