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Survey to use radio ads, internet, Facebook and 100,000 direct mail notices; total cost to taxpayers of project not revealed by College

Yavapai Community College has launched its annual softball-type survey throughout the County. According to Tom Hughes, the launch began Monday, June 12 and will run through August 4, 2017. It is referred to as a “marketing campaign” survey.

According to the College, it will market the survey through the Internet, radio, Facebook, and send 100,000 postcards in the mail to persons in the County. The cost of the survey will no doubt   run into the thousands of dollars. The College has not disclosed to the Governing Board or the public the total cost associated with the survey (postage, printing, staff hours).

Unfortunately, at times the survey tends to ask some rather simple-minded questions, which  appear to provide little actual useful data. For example, the first question in the survey asks whether the  College should help person seeking employment “acquire the qualifications, skills and knowledge to obtain a job …” It is doubtful that anyone would disagree that the  college should help person seeking employment.  If the answer is so obvious, why ask it?  The reason is the soft-ball response can be used in later publications based on the survey where the Governing Board and College applaud themselves. (“See all those who agree to our first question.”)

The survey is also long and asks questions that don’t affect most of the Verde Valley residents. It stays away from asking any comparative questions or asking about hot button issues.  For example, it doesn’t ask “whether you agree or disagree that the College should have built a professional tennis court in Prescott when it doesn’t have a tennis team?” Or, do you agree that “it is time to focus on CTEC in the Verde Valley.” Or, “is the College providing adequate Career and Technical Education in the Verde Valley?”  Or, “should it focus more attention on education rather than cultural events at the Performing Arts Dinner theater?”And so on.

A person may take the survey by clicking here.

Tom Hughes explanation of the survey you may view below.