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Why isn’t there a College transportation system between CTEC and all of College Centers and the Verde Campus? VVBAC asked Board to address issue in March, 2015

On March 17, 2015 the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee recommended to the District Governing Board that the College  “address the transportation barriers for students across the Mountain and within the Verde Valley.”  Unfortunately, since that time, there has not been any serious response to the request (or a serious study) except for occasional suggestions  that transportation between the various Centers and campuses is not the College’s problem.  (Once, I’m told, there was a system of sorts.  Anyone know what happened to it?)

Let’s see:  The College has created the problem of non-access.  But it doesn’t want to work on solving it.  Ummm? I guess it prefers to continue spending tax revenue on buildings and professional tennis courts.