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Bolshoi Ballet – Ivan the Terrible draws seven

Absence of programming and advertising results in audience of seven for the Bolshoi Ballet – Ivan the Terrible

SAD FACEOn Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. the Bolshoi Ballet, Ivan the Terrible, was shown on the movie screen in M-137 on the Verde Campus.  Because of the poor advertising, only seven residents showed up and paid $15 per person to see the show.

The production had been recorded at some time earlier on the College’s hard drive  of a satellite Broadcast from Pathe Live’s Bolshoi Ballet.  Total attendance for the last three major productions shown on the screen on M-137 is eleven.

New video available

video clip art 1A new video that focuses on the “Verde Valley Community College Education Struggle” can be accessed by clicking here.  It provides a general overview that explains the reasons why many residents in the Verde Valley are seeking a separate Administrative Campus.  An Administrative Campus, which is allowed under Arizona law,  would help remove the East side of Yavapai County from the domination of the development of the Community College by the the West side.  It is only ten minutes long and I’m sure you will enjoy it.