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MUST REGISTER; Saturday, April 29, 2017, 8:00 A.M – 2:00 P.M.

The College says that the final acre of the vineyard on the Verde campus will be planted on Saturday, April 29. You must register to help out with the planting. Please click here for more information.

This will bring the vineyard to 13 acres rather than the 17 originally planned. The college has not offered an explanation as to why it is not planting 17 acres.

Note that the land that the vineyard is on was donated to the College by the Yavapai College Foundation. It was anticipated at the time the donation was made that all 20 acres would be put into a vineyard.

College Foundation doesn’t make $116,000 contribution

Budgeted revenue to support Southwest Wine program not coming in 2015-16 academic year (how is winery revenue being used?)

It was reported at the August 9, 2016 Governing Board meeting that the Yavapai College Foundation had failed to provide $116,000 in funding to the College as anticipated in the 2015-16 budget.  Although no official explanation was offered at the August meeting for the Foundation’s failure to meet the budgeted amount, earlier in the year Vice President Clint Ewell had suggested the Foundation decision to not make the donation was linked to a failure on the part of folks in the Verde Valley to support the program with donations in the 2015-16 academic year. Ewell said at the August meeting the anticipated Foundation contribution found in the 2015-16 budget  would be carried into the next year but gave no further explanation.

ACADEMIC WINERYThe failure of the Foundation to make this contribution, which has millions in its reserves, was discovered by Representative Deb McCasland who raised the issue during the Board meeting. (See Unexpended Plant Fund Report, p. 19 of 84 p report, which is contained in the agenda for the August 9, 2016  meeting.)

On another topic related to the Academic Winery, questions remain about the revenue generated from the Academic Winery and how it is being used.  According to end-of-year data furnished by the College, the Winery located on the Verde Campus in Clarkdale generated $50,893 in total revenue for the academic year 2016-17. The budget material provided the Governing Board fails to show the expenditures for the Winery during the year.  (See Auxiliary Fund, Report of Revenues and Expenditures, pl. 18 of 64, which is contained in the agenda for the August 9 meeting.)

Foundation Fundraising in Verde Valley down

Contributions from Foundation for Winery construction well below target

The eleven month report on anticipated revenue from the Yavapai College Foundation to help pay for the construction of the academic winery on the Verde Campus is concerning. The Foundation was budgeted to pay $116,000 toward the project but has not paid anything so far this year. According to Vice President Clint Ewell, it will pay something but he anticipates it will fall short of the target.Clint Ewell

Ewell told the District Governing Board that he did not believe that the “Foundation would hit the target of $116,00 this year.” He explained the reason for this was that “some of the fundraising has slowed down from what was anticipated this year.” You may view Vice President Ewell’s explanation at the District Governing Board meeting on June 14 by clicking here.